Why am I here?

This is NOT me, but probably can be me. Trying to explore the world with my gadgets in hand (aka every millenial)!
This is NOT me but can be me — looking at what’s new & next with gadgets in my hand (aka every millennial)!

It is 2021, and I just saw one of the worst years in human history (at least in my lifetime!). 2021 brings new promises, just like every new year. Everyone is hoping for me this year!

I am no exception. However, this blog isn’t about me or what I am seeking from 2021. It is about me sharing. I have spent more than eight years in Media & Advertising industry. The industry has evolved tremendously — from the old school “Mad Men” version to the new “The Social Dilemma” era. As we grow, Media planning continues to play an important role. Media Planners function involve — data strategy, customer acquisition strategy, budget allocation, and channel measurement & optimization.

In a series of short stories, I will explain how Media planners perform these jobs. I am not a writer; I have never done blogs or posts before—my wife complains about my terrible Instagram posts (:|), so please excuse my writing style. I will keep it short, informal, and I hope to get the message across.

So stay tuned!

Best wishes from,

Media Planner since 2012



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I love my life, I love my job, and I love the people around me!